Practice Areas

We engage in the following practice areas to help our clients make better investment decisions Investment location destination programme we gave backing to the development of investment policy and promotion programmes for foreign direct investment attractions

Location Tactics

Our investment consulting firm assists investment location come up with sound/ robust master plan to improving their magnetism and competitiveness to endear them to foreign investors and domestic investor alike.

Investment Location Institutions

We provide investment promotion agencies (IPA), trade promotion organization (TPO) and economic development organizations with sound advisory sources in the area

  • Governance framework
  • Organization structure
  • Conduct skill needs assessment and develop investment training capacity building and coaching for investment promotion agency staff
  • Entrancing location appeal and competitiveness
  • Resource prerequisites job description,staffing,funding and salary structure
  • Partnership with national, sub-national and municipal country, investors, corporate decision makers, business member organisations (BMOs) chambers of commerce, micro finance banks and cooperative societies
  • Investment promotion agency (IPA), trade promotion organization (TPO) establishment, governance structure and office setting
  • Identification of development of marketing materials that include the design and content development of IPA / TPO website.

Investment Destination Operation

We provide support to : investment location outline, apply and convey investment promotion and facilitation action such as road shows, seminars, exhibition promotion and facilitation action to promote market and influence investment location decisions

Sector Scan

Identify source markets/companies

Client relationship management processors (CRM)

Development of incentitive regime per writies , international marketing and promotional programmes, positioning messages media relations and image building

Regulatory reforms, advocacy and after care programme

Location Conduct

We aid clients with;

  •  Performance monitoring and assessment
  • Location benchmarking
  • Location surveys

Location Analysis

We provide assistance to our clients

  • Locations plot and advocate for investment climate improvement in the location offerings:
  • conduct market intelligence on sectors/industry that has high growth potential
  • location evaluation to know risks inherent in a particular location

Strategic Planning

In our consulting firm, we aware that strategic planning is necessary for creating and running a business which sets specific goals and objectives capable of being changed in response to shifting market dynamics.therefore, we know that strategy which formulation and implementation is inseparable activity provide over a direction for corporate goals us central to ur thinking which stands out us out.

Organization Management Retreats

We believe that management retreat is fundamental to an organization success in view of the fact that business devote more of their time on managing resources to remain competitive without focusing on other important aspects of business which affect or company development.therefore, management retreats deal with the fundamental questions of where are use currently and where do we intend to be in future? Management is designed to provide platform for management team to review or evaluate performance ,strategies ,trends and discuss to arrive a census on actionable plans to improve on business performance.

  • Development of corporate social responsibility csr policy strategy to ensure corporate due diligence on company operations on the society
  • We organize seminar, summit forum, roundtable and workshop for knowledge experience
  • We also organize fair/ exhibitions to promote products services and locations
  • We organize awards ceremony to reward and appreciate contribution of individual/company to society